How the Norcom Straight Got its Name

A new time trial/triathlon bike gives a bike company the opportunity to showcase its very best in engineering and innovation. It brings together cutting-edge features, such as lightweight materials, crisp geometry, precision-designed components, sleek aerodynamics, in an ultra-fast, stunning package. Because we have put the Norcom Straight through every testing scenario imaginable, we're confident this is the most incredible package yet.

A bike that uniquely combines technology, testing, and beauty needs an equally strong name that both communicates and represents these facets, but also tells the story of its genesis. To name such a bike is a task much more difficult than one may think.

We spent three years developing the Norcom Straight, and for more than two years, it was called by the project name Dutton 10 - named for the address of Fuji’s corporate headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia and for the group of ten product managers, engineers, marketing specialists, and sales representatives who were instrumental in its initial development.

The final name started as a Strava® segment created by our in-house triathlete/accountant, who named it after one of the roads a couple of blocks from the Fuji headquarters. This stretch is a .8-mile flat section with a wicked crosswind and the ever-present smell of burning plastic from a nearby plant. No lunchtime ride is complete without giving the segment a good run. Our senior product manager for the Dutton 10 project currently holds the record and the top speed of 37.2 mph*. Of course, he won riding a prototype of the Norcom Straight.

So at the 11th hour – after months of brainstorming and exhausting every countless word associated with speed, time, soloing, arrows, aeros, and even Japanese swords – we decided that the name with the most meaning to our Fuji family was the name of the road less than a mile away from our offices. This is the road where the avid cyclists at Fuji learned what the Norcom Straight is really capable of doing, and now it's the namesake of the bike that will carry you to unexpected heights of speed. Conquer your mountain.

*as of April 2013